Ready assembled Combination Seals

Different closure techniques and/or application requirements necessitate certain caps. In order to visualize the different types of caps, please see the photos below:

Screw Caps
(open top/closed top)

Short Thread Caps
(open top/closed top)

Snap Ring Caps
(only as open top,
hard or soft PE Cap available)

Short Thread Cap
(only as open top)

Various UltraBond
Seals ND9 + ND24

(for Shell Vials;
Micro-Inserts can be
installed in the plug)

Snap Caps (for sample storage containers)

PE Push-On Caps
ND8 + ND11

PE Caps
(for Crimp Necks ND8,
ND11 + ND20)

Aluminum Caps,
centre hole

Magnetic Crimp Caps
(5mm centre hole)

Magnetic Crimp Caps
(8mm centre hole)

Magnetic Screw Caps
(8mm centre hole/closed top)

Magnetic Bimetal Crimp Cap
(8mm centre hole)

Headspace Caps
(Pressure Release Caps)

Centre Tear Off Caps

Complete Tear Off Caps

Crimp Caps with
roll grove

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Please note that our policy prohibits supplying end-users. However, everybody is welcome to ask for technical advise or samples.

Enquiries and orders have to be placed at your local dealer or can be forwarded by us to a distributor of ours.