Glass Micro-Inserts

Micro-Inserts for vials with small opening

Micro-Inserts for vials with wide opening

Glass Inserts for 96 Position Block Systems

Polypropylene Vials

Short Thread ND9:
0.3ml and 0.7ml

Snap Ring/Crimp Neck ND11:
0.3ml and 0.7ml

1.5ml Polypropylene Short Thread Vials

Glass Micro-Vials

Microliter Vial with inner cone in a solid glass bottom (with Crimp Neck or Short Thread)

Short Thread and Snap Ring/Crimp Neck Vials with integrated 0.2ml Glass Micro-Insert

TopSert - TPX Short Thread and Snap Ring Vials with integrated 0.2ml Glass Micro-Insert

2in1 KITs

The following 2in1 KITs with appropriate closures are available:

  • Shell Vials ND8, ND11, ND15 with PE-Plug
  • 1.5ml Vials (32 x 11.6mm)
  • 4ml Vials (45 x 14.75mm)
  • 20ml Headspace Vials

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Please note that our policy prohibits supplying end-users. However, everybody is welcome to ask for technical advise or samples.

Enquiries and orders have to be placed at your local dealer or can be forwarded by us to a distributor of ours.