Cleanroom-packed Sample Vials

  • Sample Vials packed in a cleanroom
  • Tamper-evident PP boxes through shrink-wrapping of the bottom part
  • High chemical resistance of the PP box to a number of acids, solvents, oils and fats
  • No contamination of the vial by particles of the packaging, as PP is non-abrasive
  • A small drawing of the vial on the front side of the box allows identification of the content without opening of the box
  • 100 per cent retraceability through the batch numbering system
  • absolutely neutral packaging that allows a further individual marketing

Packaging of Combination Seals

  • Fully automated counting and packaging guarantee a 100 per cent quantity obedience
  • Tamper-evident by an additional seal at the top of the bag that can easily be torn off by a perforation before the first opening of the bag
  • 100 per cent retraceability by printed batch numbers
  • Special packaging units can be made, as individual bags or as bag chains
  • No contamination by human contact (sweat, skin fat)

Closures with a special grade of Silicone/PTFE Septa for critical GC and Headspace Analysis

  • Very clean Silicone/PTFE quality to avoid ghost peaks by evaporating volatiles of the septa
  • GC-controlled cleanliness for each manufactured batch documented by chromatograms
  • New quality standard for septa, which can be found at this level only for Injection Port Septa
  • This very clean quality will be offered for the GC and Headspace area without any additional costs, in order to set up new standards for a correct and reliable analysis on the market
  • Fully automated assembly of the septa in the appropriate caps as well as the packaging of the combination seals by counting and packaging automates avoid any re-contamination by human sweat or fat

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Please note that our policy prohibits supplying end-users. However, everybody is welcome to ask for technical advise or samples.

Enquiries and orders have to be placed at your local dealer or can be forwarded by us to a distributor of ours.