Standard, Certified and High Performance 96 and 384 Position Block Systems

The La-Pha-Pack WebSeal™ system presents a new range of well plates which meet the requirements of today’s chromatographer using well plate compat-ible autosamplers. It provides all of the advantages of sample handling using plates, the security of achieving reliable results along with decades of experi-ence from the market leader in sample containers for chromatography.

  • The first complete and chromatography tested portfolio of well plates for separations science applications.
  • Prepare and analyze samples in less time with less lab bench space and storage space required per sample.
  • Easier and quicker filling and sealing process using multi-channel pipetting tools.
  • Efficient transport of many samples in a single plate.
  • SBS/ANSI standard footprint assures compatibility with all well plate capable prep stations and chromatography autosamplers.

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