9mm Short Thread Cap (Phthalate Free Seal) with assembled aluminum liner

La-Pha-Pack offer the first 9mm Short Thread Cap with assembled aluminum liner.

  • Septa material free of any elastomers and halogens; therefore no contamination of the sample by plasticizers, Silicone or Butyl rubbers and PTFE/FEP/TEF materials.
  • Recommended for GC/MS and LC/MS applications.
  • The O-ring, which is assembled above the aluminum liner, achieves an excellent tightness and inertness of the complete combination seal.

Application areas:

  • Analytic of elastomers und plastomers.
  • Phthalate analysis.
  • Analytic of polymerisation catalysts.
  • Analytic of silicones und silicates.
  • Analytic of fluorinated, halogenated organic compounds.

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